Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon Trailer Showcases Season 13 Cryptids, Quest, and More

Fallout 76 Season 13 gets its Once in a Blue Moon trailer during Summer Game Fest.

Image via Bethesda

The next season of Fallout 76, Once in a Blue Moon, received a trailer drop during the Xbox Extended Showcase during Summer Game Fest. Starting off with a howling good time, it features the two new cryptids, new quests, and new scoreboard for Season 13. Going live on June 20, Season 13 will be jam-packed with new content for us to explore.

The first big piece of content is the expansion of the Blue Ridge Caravan into Middle Mountain Cabins. This has sparked a new public quest called Safe and Sound to keep the previous tenants — aka the creatures of the wasteland — out of their new camp. Another public quest, Beasts of Burden, pits the Blue Ridge Caravan against a mob of Mothman cultists. Along with those, new NPCs have new quests that reward Blue Ridge Caravan themed items.

Video via Bethesda

The Blue Ridge Caravan quests are also how you’ll come face to face with FO76’s latest Cryptids: the Blue Devil and the Ouga. The Ouga hangs out in the Cranberry Glade area of Cranberry Bog, while the Blue Devil roams a bit more. Both, however, will be final bosses for new quests coming in Season 13.

The Season 13 Scoreboard was revealed during the extended showcase, as well. Titled Shoot for the Stars, it features Hollywood and film-inspired rewards. This includes Paints armor, such as the Stuntman Marine Armor and the Golden Ultracite Paint.

With Season 13’s start just around the corner, you’ll need to put in some hours if you’re looking to finish up the Season 12 scoreboard. Otherwise, you can check out our full Cryptid guide, as well as quest walkthroughs and where to find certain items, over at our Fallout 76 guides page.

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