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Fallout 76: Complete Cryptids Guide

Cryptids make up a majority of the harder enemies in Fallout 76. Here's what to know

Cryptids are creatures that are believed to exist but have no basis in scientific proof. Fallout 76 is packed with these monsters, particularly ones based on Appalachian folklore. In this guide to all Fallout 76 Cryptids, we’ll tell you where to find them all and how to beat them.

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Fallout 76 All Cryptids Guide


Anglers, though they appear to only be mutated anglerfish, do count as Cryptids for any Cryptid-related quests and challenges. You can see them most in The Mire region of the map, either on land or hiding in the water. Just like Anglerfish, they hide their bodies in the murk, keeping their bioluminescent stalk above water. To the unwary, this appears to be another Lure Weed to pick and results in an ambush from below.

Angler in the Gnarled Shallows.
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If you need to hunt Anglers, this is where they normally spawn:

  • Three will always spawn at the gnarled shallows
  • Can spawn at The Retreat (formerly the Treehouse Village)
  • Can spawn at Pylon V-13
  • Frequently spawn at Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies parking lot
  • Always at Site Alpha during the Queen of the Hunt daily quest

Anglers have high energy resistance, so attacking with melee or ballistic weapons will kill them quicker. They tend to stick to spiting acid mucous long range instead of getting up close, but they will use their claws in close combat. They will not climb up stairs or go inside buildings, which can be a good place to heal or shoot from.

The Beast of Beckley

Rumored to be a creature living outside of the woods of Beckley, WV, you learn about this white wolf cryptid during the “Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy” quest. To start the quest, read a note that can be found at Monongah police department, on the Van Lowe Taxidermy bulletin board, or on the Lewisburg Station bulletin board.

The Beast of Beckley is immune to radiation and will attack you with her pups. She doesn’t have any weaknesses, so use what you are most comfortable with to take her down. Once she is dead, the “Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy” quest line will complete.

The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil is one of the newer additions to the Cryptid Ranks in Fo76. This Cryptid for the new Safe and Sound quest is located at Blue Ridge Caravan’s Middle Mountain Pitstop, formerly Middle Mountain Cabins.

Packing high damage, a fear effect that causes you to run away, and high speed, this is one Cryptid you’ll probably want to skip soloing.

The Flatwoods Monster

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The Flatwoods Monster isn’t a monster at all, but an alien. It emits a purple light and wears a protective suit with a clear helmet. It’s a random nighttime-only spawn, but it doesn’t despawn if you’re dealing with it in the daylight.

There are a couple of locations where the Flatwoods Monster has been previously sighted:

  • Harpers Ferry, the river between Harpers Ferry and Thunder Mountain Power Plant Yard.
  • The small valley in the north between North Mountain Lookout and Converted Munitions Factory.

They can be found during the seasonal event “Invaders from Beyond” and will sometimes spawn for the daily events “Making Sacrifices” and “Queen of the Hunt”. They may show up at the end of the “Campfire Tales” event.

Flatwoods Monsters have the ability to teleport as well as control the mind of every non-player character in the game, including other cryptids and C.A.M.P turrets. They are not resistant to radiation damage, so use a gamma gun or radium rifle to take it down quickly.

The Grafton Monster

Based on popular folklore of Grafton, West Tek continued their experimentation of the FEV Snallygaster strain. The headless Grafton Monster is a massive creature that packs a punch if you get too close.

Grafton Monster in the swamp.
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The easiest way to guarantee finding the Grafton Monster is to take part in the Grafton Day event. Another quest that it makes an appearance in is “The Ol’ Weston Shuffle.” Other locations it spawns are:

  • Near the Charleston Trainyard.
  • South of Hemlock Holes.
  • East of the Charleston Capitol Building by the dam.

Sometimes it will spawn:

  • At one of the sites for the “Queen of the Hunt” daily quest.
  • During the “Project Paradise” event.
  • Garden area between the Whitespring Resort and the Whitespring Golf Club.
  • In the Toxic Dried Lakebed.

You will want to aim for the blowholes on its shoulders, as that is the weakest area on its body. Any perks or weapons that deal extra damage to Cryptids, such as the Cold Shoulder, will come in handy here. You will want to stay away from it as its melee attacks are brutal, and it can stun you.

The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is based on the real Cryptid of the same name. Found in Atlantic City, it’s the final boss during the quest Sins of the Father. You can learn how to find and defeat it in our complete guide.

The Jersey Devil’s children are referred to as Lesser Devils. You can encounter these on the roof of Quentino’s Night Club and in Flooded City Center. They’ll also be called when you fight the Jersey Devil. Killing them counts as killing a Cryptid for any challenge that requires it.

The Mega Sloth

Mega Sloth in the swamp.
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Mutated from sloths that escaped from Garrahan Estate, Mega Sloths are huge, fungus-adorned creatures. Often docile upon first stumbling upon them, they will defend themselves once attacked.

To find one of these gentle giants, check out the following spawning areas:

  • Southeast of the Southern Belle Motel (look for it dangling in the trees)
  • South of Fissure Site Omicron
  • Treetops
  • Tangara Town
  • Between KMAX Transmission and Camp Venture
  • North of the Monorail Elevator
  • Across the river East of  Watoga Shopping Plaza
  • Creekside Sundew Grove
  • During the seasonal event “Fasnacht Day”

Since Mega Sloths are nonhostile on approach, you can easily sneak up on them for a large chunk of damage off the bat. Once in combat, you will want to stay away as it releases a spore cloud that will blur your vision.

The Mothman

Mothman has been featured in a variety of pop culture media, as well as in Fallout 76. With a cult worshipping it, as well as a museum and a couple of events, Mothman is pretty iconic. Check out our full Mothman guide for more information.

The Ogua

The Ogua may seem like an odd choice of Cryptid to include in FO76, but its roots are deep in WV folklore. First seen in 1746, with various sightings since, the turtle-like monstrosity is known to call Marion County, WV, its home.

In-game, Ogua is the boss for the Beasts of Burden quest in the Cranberry Glade. Ogua can also spawn at Hopewell Cave. It has high resistance to most attacks, and it can retreat into its shell for protection. Like the Blue Devil, Ogua can only be encountered on the PTS until the Once in a Blue Moon update.

The Sheepsquatch

Ah, the Sheepsquatch, a cryptid of lore with multiple sightings in WV’s Morgan’s Ridge area. With shaggy, white fur and a piercing scream, this creature is of avid fascination for Fallout 76 cryptid hunters.

Sheepsquatch will not spawn in Toxic Valley. There are a couple of events and locations, however, where they can spawn.

  • During the “Free Range” event.
  • During the “Primal Cuts” event.
  • During the “Perfect Paradise” event.
  • During the “Sleeping Sheepsquatch” random encounter when you stumble upon a Sheepsquatch snoozing in its nest.

Sheepsquatch are difficult to take down. From their high hit points to their mobility, ability to stun you, and a mix of melee and ranged attacks, you’re in for a fight. Stock up on stimpaks, boost your stats, and try to stay away from its swipe and headbutt combo.

The Smiling Man

The Smiling Man, also known as Indrid Cold, is a human-like cryptid associated with Mothman. Mysterious and creepy, this random encounter can leave you scratching your head. Don’t worry. Our Smiling Man guide has you covered.

The Snallygaster

Snallygaster are another human-created cryptid. The result of a failed FEV experiment, the many-eyed, long-necked creature is a sight to behold. Learn where to find it in our Snallygaster guide.

The Wendigo

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Once human, the Wendigo is now mutated and cursed for going cannibal. Its arms are now elongated, and its nails are long and sharp like talons.

There are a few named Wendigo that can be traced back to their human origin in Fallout 76, including a member of the Gourmands. They are among the most common of the cryptids, spawning in a variety of locations.

  • Wendigo Cave
  • Pylon Ambush Site
  • Willard Corporate Housing
  • Garrahan Estate
  • Fort Defiance
  • Solitary Confinement Block of Eastern Regional Penitentiary
  • Haven Church
  • Lewisburg
  • Freddy Fear’s House of Scares
  • R&D section of Garrahan Mining Headquarters
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
  • Big B’s Rest Stop
  • KMAX Transmission
  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
  • Watoga Emergency Services
  • Drop Site C2
  • Drop Site G3
  • Firebase LT
  • Sal’s Grinders
  • South of Abbie’s Bunker
  • At the end of “One Violent Night” event, the Nightstalker, a glowing, legendary Wendigo will appear

Numerous Wendigo will spawn during the “A Colossal Problem” event, and they will continue to do so until the boss is defeated.

You want to watch out for their shriek when in combat, as it can cause you to be staggered. They are resistant to radiation damage, so avoid using the radium rifle or other radiation-based weapons.

Those are all the Cryptids currently in Fallout 76. Check out our other Fallout 76 guides for more.

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