The Smiling Man is a new addition to the NPC lineup in Fallout 76 included in Season 12. Here's his story, and where you can find him.

Fallout 76 Smiling Man Story and Location Guide

The Smiling Man is a new addition to the NPC lineup in Fallout 76 included in Season 12. Here's his story, and where you can find him.

Have you met the Smiling Man in Fallout 76? You’d remember if you did run into his eerie broad smile. Whether you’re curious about the lore behind this mysterious character or want to meet him yourself to see what all the hubbub is about, the Smiling Man is a distinct person of interest for most Fallout 76 players. Let’s go into the Smiling Man’s lore, and how you can find him yourself.

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Fallout 76 Smiling Man Story

The Smiling Man is a new NPC random event introduced in Season 12. His real name is Indrid Cold, and he certainly smiles. He mentions that he is returning to Appalachia, as much has changed. As well as noting that he wants you find happiness, his comments do not reveal much information. He also does not say his full name altogether. 

For those interested in lore, Indrid Cold is sometimes referred to as a cryptid and local urban legend of Appalachia. Based off the real life person met by Woodrow Derenberger in 1966, the Fallout NPC shares many of the points Derenberger mentioned in his interview.

Also an aspect of real life replicated in Fallout 76 is his connection to the Mothman. Both the Smiling Man and Mothman appeared the same month in WV. 

If you attack the Smiling Man he will disappear in a puff of black smoke, just like the Mothman does. Steven Scarberry, the Season 12 lite ally and member of the “Followers of the Winged One”, has also had interactions with The Smiling Man. This helps confirm his association with the Mothman. 

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Smiling Man Locations

While a random encounter, The Smiling Man does tend to frequent the same locations throughout the Wasteland. As with other instances of RNG, if you do not encounter him at these locations you can server hop until you do. 

  • The road South of Deathclaw Island
  • The road Northeast of Darling Sister’s Lab
  • The road North of Camp Venture

There are a few locations along the road between Deathclaw Island, up towards Darling Sister’s Lab and then towards WV Lumber Co. that he may appear, but the locations above are where the most encounters have occurred. 

Does Indrid Cold play a larger part in Fallout 76 yet to come? Or is he simply a creepy, new NPC Bethesda has designed? Only time will tell but that is what we know about the Smiling Man. 

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