Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon Update Patch Notes

The latest Fallout 76 update is now live. Here's what's been added in the patch notes

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The latest update for Fallout 76, dubbed the Once in a Blue Moon update, is live. The new Season 13 content, including items, quests, and more, is ripe for the picking in the dangerous lands of Appalachia. Here are the details from the Once in a Blue Moon patch notes.

Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon Patch Notes

Once in a Blue Moon features two new public events surrounding the expansion of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.

  • Safe and Sound: This takes place at the new Middle Mountain Pitstop (previously Middle Mountain Cabins) and pits you against the new Blue Devil cryptid
  • Beasts of Burden: In this public event, you’ll help out Luca Costa as he tries to recover stolen brahmin from cultists

Along with the public events, there’s a new daily quest line, Costa Business. It features a string of seven quests with various Blue Ridge Caravan-themed rewards upon completion. You’ll only be able to go through the series once, making them a special daily quest. Speak with Luca’s uncle Vinny to get these started.

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When you complete Costa Business, you may find another side quest waiting for you. Unmasking the Myth is for players who’ve just about done and seen all in Appalachia, but nothing else has been revealed about it.

As stated above, there are some new Cryptids coming to Fo76. The Blue Devil and the Ouga, both based on historical West Virginia Cryptids, are now roaming the wasteland. The Ouga can be encountered down in the Cranberry Glade, while the Blue Devil is the public event boss for Safe and Sound.

Daily Ops are getting a new mutation, dubbed Danger Cloud.

  • Danger Cloud: Enemies have seeds embedded in their skin. Periodically, they will radiate a spore cloud around them that damages the player, reducing their AP regen and max AP.

Expeditions got a slight rework during the patch. Refuel quests are now considered daily quests, with only one becoming available to complete per day. Along with that, you’ll no longer need a fully charged Ultracite Battery in order to launch an expedition. You can head to the Pitt whenever you please. The Expedition Ashes to Fire will reward more Stamps, as well as Stamp costs were reduced.

Season 13, titled Shoot for the Stars, is now in effect. With a new Silver Hollywood Theme, you’ll be able to earn new rewards, a new ally, and Hollywood-themed Paints. The season will run until sometime in August.

In addition to the new content and major changes to Daily Ops and Expeditions, there were a slew of balance updates, design changes and bug fixes. For the full patch notes, head to the official Fallout 76 update blog. If you’re looking for more on the new Cryptids, how to complete various quests, or where to find items in Appalachia, check out our Fo76 guides vault!

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