Fans send mixed signals about DOOM beta

Many gamers are unsatisfied with the Doom beta

Many gamers are unsatisfied with the Doom beta
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Doom beta testers are sending out mixed signals. It’s a little hard to gauge the potential success of Doom off of the beta and the feedback received from players. 

Many gamers didn’t like what they played in the beta. A few said it reminded them of Halo, Call of DutyUnreal Tournament and it doesn’t feel like Doom. common complaint was that the classic atmosphere for the arena shooter is missing. The next few complaints revolve around Doom not being consistent or captivating.

Check out a few of these Tweets to see what fans were saying:


With only 37% of the reviews being positive, this stat makes Doom’s beta the second lowest rated Bethesda offering on Steam — the first being Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop DLC.

There has been a number of technical improvements on the game since the closed beta aired March 31 through April 3. The frame rate on the PC has been increased to around 60, and movement speed was noticeably increased as well. There’s also now an option to hide damage numbers and the view of the slider. The overall performance is smoother plus, Games of Warpath is easier to find — so matchmaking is much simpler.

Doom is set to release May 13 for all platforms. We’re not sure how much could be changed in that small window, but you never know.

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