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Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Trailer Reveals Next Expansion

The next FFXIV expansion has been announced at the 2023 Fan Fest. Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is coming.

Is it that time again? Oh, I guess it is! Square Enix had a special surprise in store for Final Fantasy XIV players during the 2023 Fan Festival, finally showing the Dawntrail trailer, officially revealing the name for the famed MMORPG’s next expansion.

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Quite a change in tone from Endwalker and its reveal, the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawnstar trailer being distinctly more lighthearted and with a bit of a summer flair. Which is very likely on purpose, with its release date being planned for summer 2024.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Trailer Reveals Next Expansion

The Danwtrail trailer features plenty of faces familiar to FFXIV players alongside an upbeat music track from composer Masayoshi Soken. Fans are already speculating the Dawntrail expansion will heavily take cues from Final Fantasy X, just as Endwalker did with Final Fantasy IV. The Warrior of Light’s adventure continues!

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Today is only one of two days of FFXIV-related fun and announcements from Naoki Yoshida and his team as the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival rages on over in Las Vegas through today and tomorrow, but the announcements today are nothing to scoff at. Alongside the announcement for Dawntrail is confirmation that the MMO will finally be releasing on Xbox consoles, a long-awaited announcement as it’s only been on PC and PlayStation platforms all these years.

There have been no announcements as to which classes are to come with the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, but it’s most likely that whatever’s to come will be either a tank or ranged DPS. Or both! We’ll have to wait to hear more announcements, but the future of FFXIV is looking bright and sunny with the Dawntrail trailer.

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