Final Fantasy XIV Next Live Letter with the Producer Announced

Next Live Letter to air on August 8th!
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Naoki Yoshida announced his next Live Letter with the Producer for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at his Nico Nico appearance. The next letter is scheduled August 8th, so we have a couple of weeks to wait.

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Speculation on content

What I’m hoping for is an announcement of Phase 4 of the beta. I’d also like for it to show a bit of the end game content. We’ve seen a lot of the lower level content but haven’t really gotten a glimpse at the upper level stuff yet. I’m as giddy as a school girl waiting for this Live Letter. As I’ve reported previously, Phase 3 of the beta ended on Monday so they may go over the fixes and changes based on Phase 3 input as well.

Other happenings from the Nico Nico event

Yoshida showed the Eorzea 2013 Collection video that showcased characters and outfits that you may find within the game while playing. Bayohne the Community Manager hinted that there were hidden surprises within the video so pay close attention to it if you watch it. The Nico Nico staff and Yoshida then tackle the level 20 Ifrit and follow up by showing the Brayflox’s Longstep dungeon. I hope Yoshida kept everyone alive!

Nail biting

So as you guys can see I’m pretty excited about Final Fantasy XIV’s future. The next two or three weeks will consist of a lot of nail-biting as I wait for the latest news. Check me and my team out on Facebook for all the latest excitement in gaming and some retro gaming fun.

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