Today Square Enix revealed a ton of new things for fans of Final Fantasy XV, many of them available today!

Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered event confirms release date, reveals new movie, anime series, CE, and more

Today Square Enix revealed a ton of new things for fans of Final Fantasy XV, many of them available today!

Today in California, Square Enix held the long awaited Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered event during which they officially announced — er… confirmed — the game’s release date.  September 30, 2016.

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However, this being an event, the release date was not all that the developers had in store for their fans. During the event’s preshow, the hosts highlighted some extremely fantastic cosplay and even revealed a special Final Fantasy XV Uncovered calendar created using art sent in by fans. The calendar was given away for free to fans at the event and will be made available to download for free at a later date. 

Once the main event started, Hironobu Sakaguchi — the father of Final Fantasy — came out on the stage and spoke about his relationship with the game series. He talked about the path the series had been on and how the team wanted to bring it back to it’s roots. They then showed a full English language trailer, featuring a rendition of the song “Stand By Me” done by Florence + The Machine — which is simultaneously touching and really, really weird.

They then “Uncovered” more things over the course of the main event before actually pushing the big red button that revealed the release date.. 

That game art…

First was the game’s art, titled “Big Bang” and designed by Yoshitaka Amano, the art designer most associated with Final Fantasy games. This piece is special though, because for the first time ever, one of his works was modeled in 3D, and it was gorgeous. It was then brought to the attention the audience that Amano was in the audience, after which they played a special message from long time Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The event was just filled with Final Fantasy royalty — and their attendance did count as some of the uncovering.

Gameplay and environments…

Next, some new gameplay was shown… Including everyone’s favorite big-butted yellow birds, the chocobos. And apparently the chocobos can now drift. Then the XV bros hopped into the car and drove around playing the Final Fantasy radio. And, of course, there was a some more combat highlighted — both in close quarters and in open areas. 

This was followed by a flythrough video detailing some of the game’s environments.

Anime and a movie!

The four main bros of the story are getting their own special 5-episode anime series titled Brotherhood that tells their backstory. All episodes will be available for free, and episode one is available NOW. 

Of course, they couldn’t stop there, and the anime announcement was followed up with the reveal of a 3D, full CG feature length film titled “Kingsglaive,” — featuring a special one of a kind Audi R8 (not available to buy) — and the introduction of Lena Heady (Game of Thrones) who voices Luna Freya. The film takes place at the same time as the game and tells the story of what’s happening back in the kingdom while the boys are out traveling. Lena shared a short video from Kingsglaive and GoT co-actor Sean Bean.

When it was Lena’s turn to leave the stage, they brought out Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) who also appears in the Kingsglaive film. The film will come out before the game, and like the anime will be available to stream online.

Mobile mini-games and demos

The next announcement revealed XV‘s featured mini-game — a type of pinball/arcade thing called Justice Monsters V. Like one of it’s sibling mini-games — Triple TriadJustice Monsters V was made into a mobile game as well. Pre-registration for it is open now on

Then, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Square Enix America, Matt Kishimoto came onto the stage to introduce a new free Final Fantasy XV demo called “Platinum Demo.” Platinum Demo is a separate story that allows you to play as a younger Noctis. The demo is tonight as well.

Deluxe Editions!

After all of that, the hosts revealed the FFXV deluxe edition, which will come with the Exclusive Steelbook, the Kingsglave film and the game. They also introduced the ultimate collectors edition which has so much stuff — soundtrack, a statue, a ton of DLC items… Sadly, only 30,000 units will be made available, and it will run you $270. These can be pre-ordered starting at 9pm Pacific tonight

Then, finally, they brought Hajimi Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy XV out on the stage to hit the big red button and reveal the release date.

But of course, there was one more thing for them to do after that…show off the fact that the bros’ car turns into an airship!

If you missed seeing the event and would like to watch it in all it’s glory, you can do so via the Square Enix YouTube page.

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