Fire Emblem if: Gotta Catch ‘Em All?

Certain characters can "capture" lesser enemy units, allowing for their possible recruitment.

As promised, Famitsu has been revealing new details about the upcoming Fire Emblem if games on a weekly basis. A round-up of the most recent scans has yielded a peek into the games’ newest and most heavily revamped mechanics. One new mechanic in particular is oddly reminiscent of the Pokémon series.

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You can “capture” enemy units.

A new “capture” command was revealed to be employed by two new characters: Orochi and Zero – Hoshido and Nohr factions, respectively. If an enemy is defeated by this command, and a jail has been built in “My Castle,” the enemy unit will be imprisoned there. These prisoners are then potential recruits for the player’s army, so, of course, special units are immune to imprisonment.

Why does this matter?

As we know, Black Kingdom and White Kingdom will feature different playable classes and weaponry. Besides units that side with the player regardless of their chosen kingdom, this may be the most (or only) accessible way of attaining certain units between the games.

What else is new?

For starters, the weapon forge system from previous games has been upgraded, with gemstones being added as components. All we know for sure is that they’ll add stat upgrades, and maybe special properties, to the weapons they get added to. This helps offset the fact that certain weapons now have negative properties, as a chosen upgrade may more than make up for an innate flaw.

In other news, fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening may find that some of the new FE: if characters seem ridiculously familiar. This is actually because quite a few have personalities and appearances that are direct homages to original characters from Awakening. Not all of them have been revealed, but the spiritual successors of Severa, Inigo, and Owain are all suited up and ready to get down.

Coming at you like a crimson samurai, Fire Emblem if is now only two weeks off from its Japanese release date – June 25th!

Thanks again to Kantopia for the translated scans, as well as shadowofchaos725 for the subtitled commercial!

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