First Diablo 4 Campfire Stream Addresses Nightmare Dungeons, Bugs, and More

The first Campfire Chat with the Diablo 4 team gives us an inside look at upcoming changes.

The very first Diablo 4 Campfire livestream brought the Blizzard team together to answer community concerns and give fans a general roadmap of the game’s future. The launch of Diablo 4 has gone very well for the team. With over 66 million copies sold and 350 million hours played, the success of the game is ensured, but there are still things to fix and updates to come.

Diablo 4 Campfire Chat: Addressing Community Concerns and Coming Updates

The team said that there are a number of updates incoming for Diablo 4, especially before the start of Season 1, which is planned to go live in mid to late July. A large scheduled patch is being planned, with a total of 13 pages of updates in the current WIP documentation.

The biggest community concerns were addressed during the stream, including:

  • Nightmare dungeon balancing
  • Having to recollect Renown each Season
  • Bug Fixes
  • Inventory Management, specifically dealing with Gems
  • Resistance and incoming changes
  • Social Features
Video via Blizzard

Nightmare Dungeons

After a few hotfixes, Nightmare Dungeons are now more efficient to farm than side dungeons. Increasing Elite enemy density, as well as increasing the XP for doing a Nightmare Dungeon, makes these better to grind through. In the future, specifically before the Season 1 start, there will be a Sigil change that creates a waypoint to the dungeon entrance, removing the travel aspect of doing a Nightmare Dungeon.

Renown Reset

This is a big thing on everyone’s minds as we progress further into the game. With Seasons come resets, specifically of Renown. Not wanting to have to find every Altar of Lilith or uncover every Waypoint again to earn Renown, players have been voicing their concerns. Noted as being a continuous evaluation process, this is how the Season 1 reset will work:

  • Each zone will have will the first 2 Tiers of Renown completed as long as that was previously achieved.
  • Players won’t have to rediscover Altars of Lilith; all bonuses will carry over.
  • Map discovery will carry over.
  • You’ll need to finish a Region’s Renown bar to get your Paragon Points again.
  • Side quests will reset.

Gems and Inventory Management

Specifically, how much space Gems take up in your inventory and stash and how we don’t like it. Taking this feedback, Gems will be moved to the Materials section, taking them out of your inventory and stash altogether. You’ll still be able to craft with them as normal, as well as stick them into sockets. The update is planned to go live before Season 1.

Bug Fixes

A number of significant bugs have cropped up with so many people playing and the game being early in its life cycle. All bugs are currently under investigation, with fixes planned as soon as possible. Specifically mentioned were the Blighted Corpse Bug, the Druid Loot Table Bug, and Hardcore deaths.

  • Blighted Corpse Bug: Multiple ground AoE effects occur, one of which kills you.
  • Druids getting Barbarian loot instead of Druid loot.
  • Dying while teleporting in Hardcore.
  • Dying while supposed to be immune in Hardcore.

Along with the bug fixes, a planned update to the Scroll of Escape will act as a disconnect preventative for Hardcore players. If you have one in your inventory and you DC, it will automatically trigger, taking you away from danger. This will consume the scroll. Still needing to work everything out, the change isn’t expected to go live until Season 2 in the fall.

Finishing up with a Q&A segment, the most notable questions revolved around resource generation, teleporting to friends when grouping with them, customization options, and a completed quests tab in the journal. I personally love the idea of tracking completed quests. The team also updated us on the Race to 100 Hardcore Victories Contest, stating there are still about 700 spots left to claim.

Check out the video above for the full details on these proposed updates. More details on Season 1 will be forthcoming during the next Developer stream at the beginning of July. While waiting for the next patch to hit, give our Diablo 4 guides a look. We have everything from item locations, the best ways to farm for Fiend Roses, how to beat World Bosses, and more.

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