Diablo 4 — How to Check Race to 100 Leaderboards

Want to know how many people have hit level 100? Here's how to find out.

The Diablo 4 Hardcore Victories Contest Race to 100 has been heating up. Multiple players have hit the goal of being within the first 1,000 people to hit 100 on hardcore mode. The prize players are racing for? The chance to have their Battletag engraved into a physical statue at Blizzard Headquarters. Are you racing to 100 and want to know if you’ll make it? This is how to check the Race to 100 Leaderboards.

Where to Check Diablo 4 Race to 100 Leaderboards

There’s no official leaderboard for the Hardcore Race to 100 handled by Blizzard. This leaves us with a vague guess as to how many people have already claimed reaching 100 in hardcore mode.

As part of the Hardcore Victories Contest, to claim reaching level 100 in Hardcore requires you to tweet using the hashtag, #Diablo4Hardcore. Scrolling through, there are more than just people claiming their Level 100 victory, making it hard to get an accurate number of spots claimed.

Thankfully, fans have come to the rescue and created an accurate leaderboard on D4armory. The leaderboard is customizable to only include Hardcore mode, letting you check how many players have reached 100 and sent their tweet. As of this writing, there are 520 players to hit the milestone.

There’s still time to reach 100, especially if you have the available resources to grind through hours of the game. For those that may be having some difficulty, check out our D4 guides. They cover everything from campaign boss battles, how to defeat world Bosses, best places to farm, and more.

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