First Dragon Quest Tact Trailer Highlights Monster-Mashing Combat

We get a glimpse at combat, monster variety, and yes, something that's probably gacha.

Square Enix recently announced a brand-new Dragon Quest game for mobile devices, the tactical RPG Dragon Quest Tact. Now we have the first Dragon Quest Tact trailer giving us a taste of the game’s combat and style.

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It’s 100% Dragon Quest through and through, with monsters past and present, from the classic dragons to Platypunks, Golems, Sabrecats, and more. As we suspected once the reveal site went live, it looks like there’s nary a human in sight. For one reason or another, it’s all monster versus monster.

Combat looks fairly simple overall, which isn’t surprising for a mobile title. However, it seems like Area of Effect attacks and each monster’s unique moves are going to be the main factor in building a strategy.

There’s also a shot of what looks like possibly some kind of summon or acquisition feature, so don’t be too surprised if Dragon Quest Tact has some kind of Fire Emblem Heroes gacha approach — maybe even a subscription — to getting monsters on your team.

Still, gacha or no, there are few pleasures like the idea of building a team full of Dragon Quest monsters for a tactics fight.

Open beta registration is running in Japan now, with the testing phase planned for February 27 through March 5. We’ll just have to be content with watching Dragon Quest: Your Story on Netflix until this releases in the West. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dragon Quest Tact news as it moves our way three squares at a time.

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