Nintendo Outlines Feh Subscription Pass, Resplendent Characters

Subscribers also get access to a variety of quality of life improvements and new quests.

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a monthly subscription pass with special perks for those willing to shell out for it. The news comes in a new Feh Channel update at the end of last week, which highlighted all the benefits and new characters that come with the Feh Pass, which launches February 5 and costs $9.49 per month.

The most appealing part of the Pass is Resplendent Characters. These are special versions of regular characters with new outfits and +2 for every stat, and they will be distributed twice per month for subscribers.

Resplendent Characters will be available for purchase after the distribution period — but only for Feh Pass subscribers. Players will be able to bond with three summoners as well, instead of the usual one.

Subscribers also get a special feature that lets them rewind, or "Re-Act," to the previous turn if they haven't already moved on the current turn. Like Mila's Turnwheel from Shadows of Valentia and Divine Pulse in Three Houses, players can use this ability even if they lose a battle. And on top of new quests with increased rewards, quests can be repeated automatically until Stamina is depleted.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2020

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