FNAF: The Movie: The Game Releases for Free Before Movie Premiere

FNAF: The Movie: The Game got the jump on the movie itself and is free on GameJolt, though has major spoilers.

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is set to release on October 27, but original game developer Scott Cawthon wasn’t content to wait for the movie premiere to release his latest work. FNAF: The Movie: The Game was put up on GameJolt yesterday for interested fans, and it’s a free download.

We still have almost a couple of weeks until the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie hits theaters. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding how the movie will play out the story, but if you’re a fan you might want to wait on playing the game. The FNAF: The Movie: The Game page on GameJolt states specifically that the game contains major spoilers, and warns not to play the game if you don’t want the movie spoiled.

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This isn’t the first time Scott Cawthon has done a surprise FNAF release, with most official entries to the series being sprung on its fanbase. In this case, with it being tied to the upcoming movie, it might be better to be patient if you’ve been hyping yourself up to see Freddy and the gang on the big screen. I personally will wait to play the game until after I see the movie.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie isn’t just going to be hitting theaters on October 27. It will also be released on the streaming service Peacock. Something to note is that your local theaters may be showing the FNAF movie a day early. In looking to confirm the movie’s release date, I noticed multiple theaters in my area had multiple showings on October 26. If you’re a big fan of the animatronic horror series and want to join in the fun in theaters, you may want to look at your local listings for showings a day before the official release date.

FNAF: The Movie: The Game is a huge surprise release any fan is happy to see since Cawthon has essentially passed the Freddy’s baton to the fanbase and its talented creators to continue the series. It’s possible this might be the last official Five Nights at Freddy’s game from Cawthon himself, but only time will tell.

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