War battle bus driving with boss convoy in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
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Fortnite Player Outlines Every War Battle Bus Route

Be one step ahead of the convoy!

There’s no doubt that Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3 has brought vehicles to the front and center. It’s essential to get and mod your car if you want to make it further in the round. The other solution is, finding a car that already has mods, like the boss vehicles or, if you really want to stand out, the War Battle Bus.

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We’ve seen a drivable Battle Bus before, decked out with turrets and perfect for ultimate destruction. Well, it’s back again for this season, and just like before, you can put it to good use. However, you’ll need to track it down and defeat the whole boss convoy to claim it.

The location of the bus appears to be very unpredictable at most times. The only way you can find it during a match is to look out for the medallion icon on the map, indicating the boss’s location. However, one genius player took to Twitter with a full-marked map with all the possible routes it could take.

These routes outline where the bus could be in different matches. The convoy will continue driving around these routes until someone apprehends them. This means you can more easily track it down and claim it since you’ll know exactly where it will be. You can land nearby, gear up, and wait at one of the points in the outline for it to come around. Or, go for a more aggressive approach and land directly on the bus from the drop.

There are only a few cases where the bus will not be on any of the routes, and that’s because the bosses both spawned at their base locations at the POIs instead. Since there is only a chance for the convoy to spawn instead, it’s not a guarantee every match that you’ll find it. There’s probably about 50-60% chance it’ll be heading down these routes every match.

This map outline is an excellent guideline for where to land and what direction to head if you want the Battle Bus. However, be prepared to challenge the boss to claim it. It’s better to bring a whole squad along, especially to man the turrets atop the Battle Bus once you have it.

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