Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 car mod boxes
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How to Mod Your Car in Fortnite Wrecked

Power up your vehicle to wreak some mayhem and speed around the map.

One of Fortnite‘s most prominent features for the season, even more so than the new weapons, is the car mods. There are a plethora of new mods to add to your car and some new methods to repair and fortify them as well. Here is everything you need to know.

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Where to Get Car Mods in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

This season is going to be more about mechanical mayhem than anything else. All previous mods, like the cowcatcher and off-road tires, have made a return along with several other new additions.

You can apply multiple mods to your car at once. Since these mods will take up a specific slot on your car (e.g., roof, bumper, tires), you can only have one type of mod in each slot. Here are all the options you’ll have:

  • Roofs:
    • Machine Gun Turret – Works like an extra seat in the car that you or a teammate can switch to and fire from the roof of the car.
    • Grenade Launcher Turret – Works just like the Machine Gun Turret but fires sticky grenades.
  • Bumpers:
    • Cow Catcher – Just like previous seasons, it can ram through things and offer more defense to the front of the car.
    • Spiked Bumper – Works just like the Cow Catcher but deals more damage on impact to structures and players.
  • Tires:
    • Bulletproof Tires – Tires that cannot be flattened by bullets.
    • Chonkers Off-Road Tires – Allows for easier off-road driving.

Before you apply these mods to your car, you’ll need to find them around the map.

All Service Station Locations

A great place to look for car mods is at Service Stations. Service Stations have replaced a lot of gas stations around the map as a great place to fuel up and repair your vehicle. It’s also where some mods are usually lying around.

All Service Stations are along the road, making them easy to access by cars throughout the map. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Northeast of Lavish Lair
  • West of Lavish Lair
  • Northwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • Between Pleasant Piazza and Sandy Steppes
  • North of Sandy Steppes
  • South of Restored Reels
  • Northeast of Sandy Steppes
  • East of Brutal Beachhead
  • West of Redline Rig
  • East of Nitrodrome
  • Southeast of Nitrodrome
  • Southwest of Brawler’s Battleground
  • North of Mount Olympus
  • Northeast of Reckless Railways

How to Use Car Mods

Car mods look slightly different than in past seasons, and you’ll apply them differently as well. They won’t be individual loot items but wooden crates. These boxes are marked with icons indicating what mod is in them.

To apply the mod to your car, you won’t need to get out and grab it. All you need to do is drive right through it, and it will automatically equip your car. You can run into multiple crates, as long as they aren’t for the same slot, and have them all equipped simultaneously. The more, the better.

Mods can be damaged the more you use them or if other players shoot at them. When they are destroyed, they will automatically be removed from your vehicle. Unfortunately, you cannot repair mods, but you can replace them by running into another mod box.

What Are the Blue Box Outlines?

Fortnite mod box blue outline
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When a mod box is used or destroyed, a blue outline of the box appears in the spot where it spawns. This indicates to other players that the mod has already been taken but will respawn in that same spot.

How to Use Nitro on Your Car

Another way to give your vehicles some oomph is Nitro. Nitro has a lot of great benefits, not only for your car but for you. However, on your vehicle, mixed with the mods, you’ll be almost unstoppable.

Nitro affects your vehicle by decreasing fuel intake, allowing you to drive longer and farther without running out of gas. It also increases the vehicle’s speed naturally without having to boost it. On top of those, it also boosts the ramming damage and knockback to obstacles and players that you run into, as well as buffs any of your mods currently attached.

There are two different ways you can apply it to your car:

Nitro Barrels

One way to get Nitro is to run into these Nitro Barrels found around the sides of the roads and outside many locations. Like Splash Barrels, all you need to do is run into them, and they will apply the effects to your car.

Nitro Splash

Another way you can apply Nitro is by finding Nitro Splashes. These are small vials of Nitro that you can find in chests or as ground loot. This can also easily be used for yourself, but you can hold the aim button to throw it at your vehicle instead.

There are also plenty of flaming rings around the map currently that, when you drive through them, give you a little bit of Nitro, so keep a lookout for those. Mix Nitro and these mods together and you’ll be ready to take on any foe or obstacle in your path.

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