Four New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon X and Y

Four new Pokemon and some new features have been leaked by the Japanese side of the internet.
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I was ready to sit and wait for the new Pokemon X and Y info coming on May 19, but it turns out there isn’t much waiting to be done for some tasty new reveals. The June issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro comics has revealed some snazzy new features and four brand new Pokemon to gawk at.

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Japanese Twitter user @huuraibou108 was the first to post the photos of the Pokemon X/Y section of CoroCoro, having gotten a hold of the June issue early.

The photos, seen at the bottom of this article, are of good quality and are legitimate, as proven by the poster also tweeting the cover and an inside shot of the inner-cover for the manga “Ore ga Batoru”.

New Pokemon

YanchamuNaughty-species, Fighting-type Pokemon.

Yayakoma – Japanese Robin-species, Normal/Flying-type Pokemon.

Erikiteru – Electricity generator-species, Electric/Normal-type Pokemon.

Gogoat (ゴーゴート) – Ride-species, Grass-type Pokemon.

General Reveals


While the first three Pokemon seen above are certainly charming, Gogoat is especially unique as a Ride-species, which is shown to be literally mountable in-game:

It looks like he is only mountable in town, as there are no shots of him being ridden outside of town. Those horns certainly are convenient for steering!

New Region

Players will be traversing the Karosu region in Pokemon X/Y, and the city of Miare is at the center of this region. Miare is large enough for players to ride Gogoat through the streets and still take a couple of minutes to get through.

If one city is so large, how expansive will the Karosu be in comparison to the regions we’ve traversed in previous generations?

Character Customization

Both genders will have three looks available to them at the start of the game. This looks to be the extent of customization, but it is certainly an improvement over previous generations. I just wish the options were more varied, as opposed palette swaps.

The image showcasing character options can be seen below.

Image Time!

Hopefully we will see actual scans sometime over the coming weeks. Photos are better than nothing, but it would be nice for all of the text to be legible.

(Via Bulbapedia; initial images of new Pokemon taken from same location.)

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