Vita is still going strong. It must be that beautiful blue.

GameStop exclusive Aqua PS Vita retailing November 2015

Vita is still going strong. It must be that beautiful blue.

Another GameStop exclusive device has hit the news, except this time it’s by long-time video game developer Sony.

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The new addition to the online retailer GameStop is an Aqua Blue PlayStation Vita that brings a whole new enhancement of color to the device. Until its release on November 6th, 2015, the Aqua Blue PS Vita is up for pre-order on GameStop for $200.

Why Choose Vita?

If you’re going to go handheld with Sony the only option is the PS Vita, which supports over 1000 games, can stream from the PS4 using “Remote Play,” and also stream from the PS3 with “PS Now.” Specializing in JRPGs, the PS Vita is perfect for that fanbase. 


New Releases from Competitor Microsoft

Sony isn’t the only one seeking upgraded equipment with GameStop exclusive retailing. Microsoft just released their pre-order for the 1 TB Elite Xbox One with GameStop along with a white Lunar GameStop exclusive wireless Xbox One controller. For information about the Elite Xbox One, go to the article 
“Microsoft unleashes 1TB Elite Xbox One; pre-order for $500” and for the controller, “GameStop exclusive Lunar Xbox One controller.”

Nintendo jumping into the mix, Zelda and Animal Crossing

Earlier this week Nintendo also announced two new 3DS systems, one themed for Zelda and the other for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The Hyrule-themed Nintendo 3DS XL is bundled with Tri-Force Heroes themed in gold and black with the Hyrulian symbol.

Later on, the Animal Crossing bundle is also debuting this fall as a bundle with Happy Home Designer showing off a slimmer New Nintendo 3DS with two face plates. Look towards the articles “Hyrule Gold New Nintendo 3DS XL GameStop Exclusive – already sold out, Tri-Force Heroes Bundle added,” and “New Nintendo 3DS Happy Home Designer Bundle.” 

Any plans to purchase the new Aqua PS Vita, Microsoft Elite Xbox One, or Nintendo 3DS bundles? Why do they seem so appealing? Share your thoughts below.

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