The League Challenger Series finals are happening today!

Get ready for the League of Legends NA Challenger Series Finals

The League Challenger Series finals are happening today!
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After an intense series of League of Legends matches, Team Dragon Knights and Apex will face off this week for a guaranteed spot in the NA LCS. Matches will start tomorrow, March 16th, at 8:00 pm CST. The format remains best out of 5, single-round elimination. Head over to LoL eSports to watch the matches, and listen to pre-game analysis.

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Although Apex has a better record throughout the tournament, TDK could take first

TDK demonstrated that they know how to pick great team compositions during their games versus Ember. They always prioritized power picks like Nautilus and Poppy, and counter-picked enemy teams. For example, when Ember repeatedly picked Kindred, they countered with Gragas and Poppy.

Furthermore, Ohq’s (ADC) performance was excellent. He earned an unofficial pentakill in game three as Ezreal, and carried game four as Vayne by getting several kills early on. Police is going to have a hard time competing against Ohq. Apex will most likely lose bot lane, unless they get serious help.

Another weakness on Apex is their reliant on solo lanes to carry. Cris (top) and Keane (mid) are excellent players and carried several games against Team Liquid Academy. They are always the players to look out for and often make game-winning plays. In fact, Apex almost lost game four, but Cris and Keane made some great catches on TLA’s ADC during multiple team fights. 

However, When Apex’s solo lanes do poorly, the rest of the team suffers. During game two versus TLA, Keane couldn’t get the kills he needed on Quinn, and Cris wasn’t tanky enough to survive team fights. The rest of Apex failed to win their lanes so they ended up losing.

With that being said, both teams have the potential to take first so make sure to watch and support your favorite team.

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