Gird Your Poke-Loins: Pokemon GO’s Armored Mewtwo 5-Star Raid Live

There's clone Pikachu and the chance for a Pikachu photobomb too, as Niantic celebrates Pokemon Day in style.
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We recently reported on Niantic’s plans for Pokemon Day in Pokemon GO, including the return of Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon GO and special clone Pokemon like clone Pikachu. The latest event for Niantic’s smash-hit mobile game is now live, and Niantic has released a special trailer showing Armored Mewtwo in action.

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It comes with its brand-new charge move Psystrike and also brings a number of new challenges with it. These mostly revolve around clone Pokemon, including clone Blastoise, clone Charizard, and clone Venusaur, all from the Pokemon film Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution.

Armored Mewtwo will only be available in five-star Raids, so bring your best game if you plan on challenging it.

Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution debuts in the West on Netflix tomorrow, the actual Pokemon Day, so all of this is very timely.

It’s not all gloom and cloned doom, though. To celebrate Pokemon Day, there’ll be plenty of partying Pokemon, plus the chance to get a Pikachu photobomb if you use #GOsnapshot. These events all run until March 2.

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