GOG will now allow users to request a refund for a full month, even if a game's been played for multiple hours.

GOG Increases Refund Period to 30 Days With No Play-Time Restriction

GOG will now allow users to request a refund for a full month, even if a game's been played for multiple hours.
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GOG just threw down the gauntlet against other PC gaming platforms with a customer-first refund policy.

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As of today, buyers have up to 30 days to request a refund on purchased games. While that’s notable on its own, the policy includes no restrictions on play time. You can request a refund even if you’ve played a game for multiple hours.

Here’s what the GOG crew had to say about the change:

Everyone at GOG believes in a “gamers-first” approach. It means that every part of our store is designed with gamers in mind and your purchase safety and satisfaction come first for us.

The latest update to our voluntary Refund Policy adds another piece to this customer-friendly experience. And it all sums up in one sentence: starting now, you can get a full refund up to 30 days after purchasing a product, even if you downloaded, launched, and played it. That’s it.

That’s a major change and a big challenge to Steam’s current refund policy, which includes various restrictions, including that games must have been owned for less than 14 days and played less than two total hours in order to qualify.

While Steam users can request refunds be considered past those thresholds on a case-by-case basis, Steam often sticks rigidly to those time frames.

While there’s no playtime limit, GOG does still reserves the right to refuse refunds if a customer is abusing the policy to play free games and avoid paying developers for their hard work.

Read the full FAQ on the updated GOG return policy guidelines here

In other news, GOG launched its Galaxy service in December 2019. It stands as a rival to Steam, bringing all of your PC games under one roof. However, the overlay also allows players to connect to all of their platforms to see their available games and achievements in one place.

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