Guesting Coming to Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 will allow players to begin guesting, visiting other servers to play with friends, on January 28. This will also mark the end of free server transfers.
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With as recent as Arenanet’s announcement of what we can all expect to see them come out with for Guild Wars 2 over the coming year and with us already having received notice of one update coming soon (to fractal dungeons) it’s more than slightly surprising to see a new announcement so soon detailing one of those updates.

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Be a guest

Players will, starting on January 28, 2013, be able to visit their friends on other servers on a temporary basis.  This guesting feature will allow anyone on any server to play with anyone else without having to worry about doing a full server transfer of all of their characters, making the ability to play with friends over multiple servers easier and faster.

The downside to this is that with the implementation of guesting, players will no longer be able to actually permanently transfer between Guild Wars 2 servers without paying a fee in gems.  Make sure you’re on the server you plan to spend most of your time on before the 28th.




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