Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Releases Today

Cutthroat Politics releases today!
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Ok everyone, today is the day. If you are a Guild Wars 2 fan, then listen up. The folks at NCSoft are going to release their much anticipated Cutthroat Politics update later on today. We will all be able to pretend we have been thrown into a major political mess as we fill a seat on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, supporting either hero Ellen Kiel or merchant Evon Gnashblade who both want to secure trade agreements with the merchants of Zephyr Sactum. Here is the blurb that NCSoft has put out with the update:

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 Enter into the Candidate Trials alone or with a group in support of your chosen candidate. You’ll test your battle skills by facing off against waves of Aetherblade pirates – hold out for as long as you can to earn Support Tokens and loot! The challenge is great, but so are the rewards – you may even earn a rare chance at an Aetherized weapon!

So who are you going to support? Will you be going with Ellen because you trust her more?  Or will you be campaigning for Evon which you know will get you more rewards? Whatever the choice is that you make, Cutthroat Politics looks to be a perfect mix of political scheming, killing, and scavenging.

To give you a head start, here are some propaganda items for both parties.


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