Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box: Back to School Release

World 2 of The Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 is an "epic jumping puzzle" that will be challenging for all levels.

The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box was re-released today after the long wait since April with a whole new world and a fantastic new point of view. You can play it all month by accessing it in the game city of Rata Sum. Although we knew (and reported) a lot about the upgrades to the Super Adventure Box before today, it certainly has been interesting seeing the reactions to the new content. The developers said in their live stream today that they set out to “create the most epic jumping puzzle ever” and they did that if not the most fun jumping puzzle ever.

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What’s in World 2?

Once you complete world 1 in the Super Adventure Box you are able to access world 2. This consists of three zones (Rapids, Pain Cliffs, Storm Top) all of which take a lot of logic and many precision jumps to complete. The second zone of world 2 is the hardest and longest zone yet because it makes you run like a ninja through the clouds and dojos of a simulated Cantha.

Each zone also offers new achievements, weapons, and skins if you are powerful and persistent enough to earn them. The rapids utilizes rushing water and unstable bridges to challenge players. The pain cliffs are strewn with dart traps and assassins. The storm top will give you a super-powered wizard boss to fight. None of the levels are easy, but all have the retro goodness that World 1 introduced.

Issue with the Super Adventure Box

Overall, I agree with the consensus the community has reached that the platformer in Guild Wars 2 is devilishly entertaining, but I have to admit I’ve played almost none of it because it is so hard. I could, of course, put the game on infantile mode and complete the puzzles in a cheaty way, but my pathetic jumping skills disqualify me from properly completing the 8-bit puzzles.

I understand it is supposed to be hard; I just object to any normal thing that I can’t complete. Tribulation mode, for instance, doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a separate category in the achievements panel because only a special kind of person can run through the evil of the tribulation mode. I wish I believed I could beat the Super Adventure Box on normal mode, though. That’s my only issue. 

Should You Play?

Oh, yes. You might rage quit. You might yell at your computer screen. You might even throw something, but you will enjoy the Super Adventure Box. The music alone is worth logging in to check out. The gameplay is tough as nails, but ultimately enjoyable for most people. If you are at all talented in jumping or have nostalgia about Mario and Link then you should definitely log on and visit Moto’s Super Adventure Box: World 2.

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