Guild Wars 2: A Super Adventure Box for a New School Year!

Kick the new school year off with a Super Adventure!
The New School Year Done Super!

Guild Wars 2 is opening up the new school year with more from the Super Adventure Box! Lets take a leap down the rabbit hole with the new content from the Super Adventure Box!

Sure it's just basically new challenges added, but there are some really interesting additions with this new patch. The update will add the following super cool things to the game.

  • Completed Super Weapon skins.
  • New King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons to craft.
  • A new mini pet. Mini Princess Miya.
  • Weaponsmith, Artificer, and Huntsman, get a crafting cap increase with new recipes and materials. Create all new weapons to kill with!
  • Legendary Weapon overhaul. New stat bonuses, Offensive Infusion, stat customization, and aesthetic changes.
  • Magic Find gear no more, instead we get account wide buff for Magic Find.

As you can see the new update brings more than just new challenges to the table. So don't get into the Billy Madison Blues over the new school year, instead get into a Super Adventure Box and have some fun! 

As always thanks for reading, let me know what you think of these new changes in the comments below. Also, please share the news with your friends and followers with the share options to the left of the post.

Published Aug. 27th 2013
  • EmilyOrange
    I'm ambivalent about almost all that... I just love the Super Adventure Box 8-bit music.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    A little 8-bit goodness goes a long way in video games in my opinion. It's nice to relive that sometimes.

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