Hacker Uncovered a Possible League of Legends Card Game

It is possible a League of Legends card game was uncovered. However, it will probably not see the light of day.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Riot Games’ president and cofounder, Mark Merrill, had his twitter account hacked over the weekend. The hacker claimed that a card game had been completed by Riot Games, but did not show it to the public for unknown reasons. It was supposedly called League of Legends Supremacy, which was trademarked in May 2012.

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The hacker also threatened to release a 200 mb file containing all the images of League of Legends Supremacy, but mysteriously decided to “give Marc his Twitter back.”

Marc confirmed that his twitter account was indeed hacked and that images from an older prototype were released. Marc also said that they constantly work on new ideas and experiments that may never actually get fully developed.

If a card game was being developed, or even finished, that would be interesting as Blizzard now has their own card game in beta called, Hearthstone.

I would like to know how exactly his twitter account was hacked. That isn’t something you usually see from big name people.


What do you think, was a card game really being developed and just shut down? Do you think one will be made in the future and would you like to play it? Discuss these questions in the comments below.

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