The new Trails game explores what happens when a warring nation suddenly has to deal with peace for the first time in centuries.

Hajimari no Kiseki Follows Class 7 in a Post-War Erebonia

The new Trails game explores what happens when a warring nation suddenly has to deal with peace for the first time in centuries.
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Hajimari no Kiseki, the latest game in Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes games series, is out this summer in Japan. It’s split into multiple story arcs, and Falcom just provided an overview of Class 7 in Hajimari no Kiseki, following the events of Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 world.

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Note that some spoilers most definitely follow for Cold Steel 3 and Cold Steel 4.

The key phrase for the Erebonian arc is “Lost Symbol”. Peace returns to Erebonia as the war with the Republic of Calvard comes to a close and the Great Twilight dissipates. However, this is Trails, which means it deals with tropes differently than most RPGs.

Rather than being all fine and dandy, Erebonia has to deal with what it means for a warmongering empire to exist in a peaceful world, complete with a new Chancellor taking over from Gilliath Osborne.

Rean Schwarzer, protagonist of the Cold Steel games, returns to the Thors Branch Campus as a professor, but goes back home to Ymir at the request of a certain person. He encounters someone unexpected there, which may or may not relate to the series’ penchant for alternate timelines colliding.

Juna Crawford, the deuteragonist in Cold Steel 3 and 4, returns to Crossbell and temporarily assists the Special Support Section with Crossbell’s second bid for independence before going back to Erebonia and working to improve relations between the two nations.After the war with the Calvard Republic,

Altina Orion briefly returned to the Intelligence Agency and helped in its re-organization, along with the re-organization of the Railway Military Police. She, too, returns to Thors to finish her time as a student, though.

Kurt Vander remained at Thors to hone his skills, but quickly became aware of the need to push his limits and hone his skills further. There’s not much indication what Kurt’s plot involves other than tracking down the renegade Prince Cedric.

The spoilery heir to House Cayenne (Musse Egret) stepped away from her student life to aid in stabilizing the Erebonian government following the war with Calvard. Now, though, she’s anxious to spend her time as a normal student before taking her role as leader of the Four Great Houses.

Finally is Ash Carbide, survivor of the Hamel tragedy and would-be assassin of Emperor Eugent. He also returned to the Thors Branch Campus, but unlike his classmates, Ash has no clear idea of where to go for the future.

Currently, there’s no word on localization for Hajimari no Kiseki. We still don’t have the two Crossbell games or Cold Steel 4 yet, so don’t expect it in the West anytime soon. Meanwhile, you can pass some time by catching up with the Crossbell portion of the story or checking out Trails of Cold Steel 3 when it comes to PC and Switch soon.

You can see the full update with images on the official Hajimari website. We still have two more story arcs for Falcom to reveal leading up to the Japanese launch, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Hajimari no Kiseki news as it spins our way.

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