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Harry Potter Magic Awakened July 11 Patch Notes

The latest Harry Potter Magic Awakened patch brings optimization, bug fixes and updates to Personal Space and classes.

The first major update to Harry Potter Magic Awakened is here. With adjustments to classes, Exam Week, and your personal space, there are a number of optimization changes in the July 11 patch. The update goes into effect as soon as the server maintenance completes, which takes place between 2 and 5 p.m. local time. Here are the first HPMA patch notes.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Patch Notes (July 11)

The biggest changes in the July 11 Harry Potter Magic Awakened patch notes are updates to Exam Week and Personal Spaces. There are:

  • New personal space and an expansion.
  • Lowered Exam Week required tasks.
  • Lowered Charms requirements for a Perfect.

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Personal Space Updates

For those of us with large Furniture collections, these updates will be great. Now you can show off more of your collection with a curated room you can design differently than the main space.

  • If you have 60+ Furniture items, you’ll be able to unlock a new room in your Personal Space.
  • If you have 100+ Furniture items, you can expand your Personal Space one time.

Exam Week Updates

Originally, it took 30 class task completions to unlock Exam Week. Now, it’s half that amount, with only 15 class tasks needed. This will make it a lot less grindy and more efficient for those with limited time, like myself. If you need help in Muggle Studies or History of Magic, we have guides with all the answers to get you a Perfect score quickly.

In addition to reducing the unlock requirements for Exam Week, some classes have also had their tasks tweaked.

  • Elementary Charms only requires three uses of Wingardium Leviosa, where it was five previously.
  • Intermediate Charms only requires four uses of Wingardium Leviosa, where it was seven previously.
  • Intermediate Defense Against the Dark Arts Pixie class only requires you to catch 20 Pixies yourself, where it was 29 Pixies previously.

These reductions will certainly help when trying to Pass and get Perfect scores in a class. I know I had to redo the Intermediate Pixie class at least five times trying to capture 29 of them myself.

HPMA July 11 Patch Notes Bug Fixes

Along with those larger updates, the July 11 patch notes for Harry Potter Magic Awakened also list smaller bug fixes and optimization changes. You can read the full patch notes on the official HPMA patch notes blog post. Some changes include being able to refresh up to three daily tasks and improved UI’s across multiple areas of the game. For more on Harry Potter Magic Awakened, check out our full guides library. Fear not: there’s no Monster Book of Monsters hidden within the shelves.

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