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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Class Schedule Guide

Here's what you need to know about classes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, including a full schedule.

Having the class schedule for Harry Potter Magic Awakened means you’ll never be late for a single lesson. That’s because attending Hogwarts is more like college than high school. While there can be up to three Magic Awakened classes every day, not every program is available every day. What’s more, the Potterverse has three levels of learning: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Some have exams and quizzes, some have combat training. Here, we’ve laid it all out at your fingertips.

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You can jump down to the full Harry Potter Magic Awakened class schedule if you’ve already started in Hogwarts and don’t need to know anything else about unlocking courses, reaching new levels, or participating in Exam Week. For everyone else, keep reading to learn more about how classes work.

How to Attend Classes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

To attend classes, you must get through the first part of the yearbook, 1-1. After helping your friends, you’ll unlock the classes icon. This shows you all the activities you need to complete. From there, you can navigate to the available courses. When you attend one, you’ll be matched with two other players on the server to finish the required tasks.

Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes Explained

When you unlock the ability to take classes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you’ll start at the Elementary level. There will be 10 challenges to complete, tallied by a counter on the right side of the screen. Finish those, and you’ll rank up to the Intermediate level, which has the same classes, just with harder Perfect and Pass requirements.

You must complete another 10 tasks to rank up to the Advanced Level. However, that’s where learning in HPMA currently ends. There are no new challenges for Advanced lectures at this time. Instead, you’ll be asked to complete the Intermediate level “instruction.” Note: It seems like Advanced tasks will be added later in the game when more years become available.

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How to Unlock Exam Week

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Exam week can be unlocked by meeting two criteria: completing any 15 of the courses available in the game or unlocking Advanced Level tracks. The timed event features three combat “exams,” one each in Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Each test has three levels you can attempt — C, B, A and A+, with C being the easiest and A+ being the hardest to complete.

C-level exams start with banned cards, enemy buffs, and nerfs to your deck. This increases as you take on B-level and A-level trials. Each time you complete a trial for the first time, you’ll receive extra item rewards.

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Defeat the Boggart
    • The Boggart has three stages:
      • Giant Snake
      • Giant Spider
      • Werewolf
  • Charms: Defeat the Troll
    • No additional players can fight with you
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Calm the Hippogriff
    • Storm tornadoes appear over the battlefield

The Complete Harry Potter Magic Awakened Class Schedule

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Now we arrive at the complete Harry Potter Magic Awakened schedule of classes. In addition to the days listed for each course below, all are available on the weekends. For Care of Magical Creatures, Hippogriff is on one day while Gnomes are on the other. This also applies to Defense Against the Dark Arts, which has Boggart and Pixie classes.

Muggle Studies

Muggle Studies is unsurprisingly focused on the lives of Muggles. It features an exam format, where you and two other players are pitted against a team of NPC students. There’s a total of 10 questions regarding Muggle technology, lives, and regulations concerning Wizard and Muggle interactions.

Charms Class

  • Class schedule: Monday, Thursday
  • Professor: Filius Flitwick

Charms is another combat track, pitting you against a troll in the bathroom, much like Ron Weasley had to face. With two other classmates, you’ll utilize Wingardium Leviosa to keep the troll’s club from wreaking havoc while you whittle down its health. To get a perfect in Elementary you’ll need to cast the Levitation Charm three times, while you’ll need to cast it four times for Intermediate. These have been reduced thanks to the July 11 Patch.

History of Magic Class

Like Muggle Studies, History of Magic utilizes a test format. There are 10 more questions to answer and two levels, but you’ll only have two other players to compete against. The questions all relate to the Potterverse, with most of the Elementary grouping being commonly known items. Intermediate questions are a bit more obscure.

Care of Magical Creatures

  • Gnomes Class schedule: Thursday, Saturday
  • Hippogriff Class schedule: Wednesday, Sunday
  • Professor: Rubeus Hagrid

There are two different courses offered for Care of Magical Creatures, but they both feature combat. For the Gnomes class, you must defend the pumpkins from three gnome incursion points while keeping all participants alive.

For the Hippogriff class, you want to bow to the Hippogriff, ensuring it doesn’t attack you at the start. You’ll need to get the Hippogriff’s health down to half while it spawns smaller Hippogriffs. Summons that only attack on land or land-based Spells like Glacius won’t be effective against the Hippogriff boss. To get a Perfect score, you’ll also need to keep Cassandra alive.

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Divination Class

  • Class schedule: Tuesday, Friday
  • Professor: Sybill Trelawney

Divination is as mysterious as it’s always been. Here, you’re tasked with drawing what you see in the crystal ball as closely as possible. Once you’ve run out of time, you’ll need to guess what your fellow students drew. To get a passing grade, you’ll need to get multiple likes from the other players.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Boggart Class schedule: Tuesday, Saturday
  • Pixie Class schedule: Friday, Sunday
  • Professor: Brindlemore

The Boggart class pits you against a Boggart, which takes a variety of shapes depending on who’s fear it focuses on. You’ll want to avoid getting hit by it multiple times, as that raises your fear level.

For the Pixie class, you’ll need to catch pixies. This can be done by getting their health down to 20% and then using Incarcerous to capture them. To get perfect in the Intermediate level, you’ll need to capture at least 20 Pixies, down from the original 29 Pixies.

Study of Ancient Runes

  • Class schedule: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Professor: Clodagh Dromgoole

The Study of Ancient Runes is less about learning what Runes mean and more of a memory match game. The first time you attend the lecture, the Frey twins will introduce it, with you playing against them.

That’s the complete Harry Potter Magic Awakened class schedule, including when courses are and who teaches them. Be sure to bookmark this guide to use as a cheat sheet as you make your way through Hogwarts. For more, head over to our HPMA guides page.

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