Harry Potter Magic Awakened: How to Reroll

Here's how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and get the cards you want.

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If you don’t like the Legendary cards you get from your first Advanced Study gold key pulls, you’ll want to know how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. That’s because the card system used in the game’s combat is the only way to victory, letting you summon powerful companions, spells, and creatures.

How to Reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Though I go into more detail below, here are the key points of how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened:

  • Get past the Dumbledore/Voldemort fight in the story.
  • Get Gold Keys to open Advanced Studies Gold Key packs.
  • Open the packs to get your pulls.
  • Click Redraw to reroll cards you don’t want.

You can only reroll your pulls one time in HPMA, and that’s right after the Dumbledore v Voldemort fight in the main story. Following that fight, you’ll obtain enough Gold Keys to open 10 Advanced Studies Gold Key packs, which have a chance to give you Legendary, Mythic, and Dark cards.

When you first pull these 10 packs, you’ll get a guaranteed Legendary card — or more if you’re lucky. If you don’t like the Legendary you get (mine didn’t fit my playstyle) or you were hoping for a different card, you’ll have the chance to reroll just the Legendary Cards.

  • To reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, select the cards you want to change, and click Redraw.

You can reroll as often as you want until you get the cards you’re looking for with no restrictions. However, the pool of Legendary cards the reroll pulls from is quite limited. It includes:

  • Orb of Water
  • Piertotum Locomotor
  • Baby Antipodean Opaleye
  • Thunderstorm
  • Malfoy Gang

I love the Malfoy Gang and Baby Antipodean Opaleye cards, so I ensured I had those when I first pulled with the gold keys. After this first gold key use, though, you can’t reroll cards again. All cards obtained by opening packs, regardless of type, are what you get.

How to Level Up Cards in HPMA

Don’t worry if you have multiple copies of your cards. If you use a card in your deck, you’ll need extra copies to level the card up further, increasing its damage, healing, or health when used. This can greatly change the impact of lower mana cards, such as Stupefy, which is a common card and easily obtainable.

Social Club Trades

Another use for your extra copies or cards you don’t want to use is in Social Club Trades. One of the main features of being in a Social Club is being able to trade cards you don’t want for one you do of the same rarity level. This is only available between members of the same Social Club, so you’ll want to join one with an active player base.

That’s how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. For more guides, such as beginner’s tips and mistakes to avoid, freebie codes, and the best Echoes, check out our HPMA guides library.

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