Hell Gets a Facelift in Minecraft Nether Snapshot Update

Minecraft's Nether regions are getting some big new additions in the latest Minecraft Snapshot.

Minecraft's Nether regions are getting some big new additions in the latest Minecraft Snapshot.
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The latest Minecraft snapshot, Snapshot 20W06A, is here for Minecraft Java, and it’s testing out a host of new features for the Nether dimension. It’s the latest big update following last year’s introduction of bees and all manner of other agricultural marvels. 

The biggest changes are the fresh Nether biomes. The original hellscape is now called the Nether Wastes, and the three new Nether biomes are Soulsand Valley, Crimson Forest, and Warped Forest.

Each biome brings with it a wide range of new and creepy materials, plus some new and creepy music. Mojang’s getting pretty good at creepy actually, as Minecraft Dungeons‘ dev diaries show.

The Crimson Forest is home to the floor block Crimson Nylium, plus the Creeping Vine block that grows over a block’s surface. There are plenty of Shroomlights to light your path, and you’ll also find Hoglins, a creature just added to the Nether.

Soulsand Valley has Soul Soil and Soul Sand (naturally), which you can use to make Soul Torches with eerie blue flames and, from there, Soul Lanterns. When you aren’t running from Skeletons, you’ll be harvesting Basalt Blocks, one of the new blocks introduced in this snapshot.

The Warped Forest is the safest area in the new Nether dimension. There’s the Warped nylium floor block, Warped spores, and Warped fungi imitating the Crimson mushrooms from the Crimson Forests.

Finally is a new material you can use to upgrade your diamond equipment: Netherite. It’s a bit of a process, involving Ancient Debris, furnaces, and crafting, but it’s ultimately worth your while, since Netherite floats on lava, has higher enchantment values, hits harder, lasts longer, and offers excellent knockback resistance.

There’s a range of smaller changes and tweaks Minecraft Snapshot 20W06A introduces, and you can check out the full patch notes from the official release. Though it’s only for the Java version now, the Bedrock version — shared between all consoles — will likely follow in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Minecraft news as it creep(ers) our way.

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