HotS offers 25% XP boost during Launch Week

Heroes of the Storm Offers 25% XP Boost During Launch Week

HotS offers 25% XP boost during Launch Week
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On June 2nd, 2015, heroes from across Blizzard’s many universes join together – and fight each other – in the Nexus. Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, launches worldwide, and Blizzard has included an extra incentive for early adopters of their newest release: a 25% XP boost for all players.

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From 12:01am PST on June 2nd to 11:59pm PST on June 9th, heroes in the Nexus will experience an additional 25% XP gain, allowing for swifter leveling, which in turn will allow players faster access to characters’ various Master Skins, gold, and enable them to more quickly reach level 30 to play the Hero League.

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm brings heroes and villains from its various IPs – including Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft – together in a MOBA-style team brawler. Set in the Nexus, players can play a number of their favorite characters, including Tyrael, Illidan, and Jim Raynor. Also, for these and many other base characters, Blizzard offers a large variety of skins and mounts to modify your hero.

Heroes of the Storm releases on June 2nd, 2015. It is free to download and free to play. Heroes may be purchased using real money or in-game gold, while character and mount skins are obtained only through purchase with real money or through special events.

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