Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins DLC Starts With Greed

Rejoice sinners, Agent 47 is back in brand-new Hitman 3 DLC starting March 30.

Rejoice sinners, Agent 47 is back in brand-new Hitman 3 DLC starting March 30.

IO Interactive announced the first batch of paid Hitman 3 DLC called Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins. Greed, the first round of the seven DLC packages, releases March 30 for $4.99. Fans can also grab the Seven Deadly Sins collection for $29.99. 

Seven Deadly Sins builds each bit of DLC around exclusive contracts and rewards tied to one of the big, deadly sins. The Greed DLC sends Agent 47 back to Dubai for the new Escalation contract “The Greed Enumeration” and introduces some greed-themed rewards.

One is the flashy golden Rapacious Suit shown in the Seven Deadly Sins trailer, and 47 can also get his grubby hands on The Devil’s Cane and the Greedy Little Coin.

Players can carry DLC rewards throughout the World of Assassination, and surely a solid gold-tipped cane won’t stand out much on the streets of Sapienza.

IO said future Hitman 3 DLC, including free content, will be grouped together under the broader Season of Sin banner instead of getting individual roadmaps. It doesn’t change anything already announced, though, so you can still enjoy Berlin’s terrifying rabbit decorations the same as always while the egg hunt lasts.

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