Hitman 3 March Roadmap Targets New Events, Contracts, and Escalations

The deadliest assassins will get their hands on new outfits and weapons to use alongside their tactical turtleneck.

February marked the release of Hitman 3's first major patch, which unlocked the super-suave tactical turtleneck for all players and provided a number of updates to locations, silent assassin missions, and more. It also included the game's first big content drop, featuring contracts from MinnMax and KindaFunny, as well as new escalations, targets, and rewards. 

Intent to keep the content train chugging along, IO Interactive has released details on what fans can expect for the game in March. 

Available starting today, March 4, the Lesley Celebration is a new escalation that will test players' abilities in the Berlin level. Following that, new featured contracts in Chongqing and Mendoza will be added to Agent 47's dossier on March 11 and March 25. 

Between those content drops from Easy Allies and Eurogamer, Hitman 3's second elusive target will be in the crosshairs. The Stowaway will be on the Isle of Sgail from March 19 to March 29. 

The end of the month brings the final special escalation to the game. On March 30, The Satu Mare Delirium deluxe escalation will see 47 escaping confinement and gives a glimpse into the assassin's past. Those who complete the mission will get the straitjacket attire, straitjacket belt, and Taunton dart gun. 

Finally, March 30 marks the start of the first Hitman 3 seasonal event, the Berlin Egg Hunt. Just in time for Easter, 47 makes his way through a creepy-as-hell and totally-packed Berlin level, taking out targets and finding (but avoiding) poisonous eggs spread around the area. The event lasts until April 12, and those who complete it will get raver outfit. 

If you've yet to jump into the latest entry in the World of Assassination Trilogy, consider checking out our review to see why we said it's "a proper sendoff for The Professional" and praised it for its "unrivaled level design," story, and mood. 

For those just getting started, or perhaps stuck on finding the helicopter key or looking for all of the safe and keypad codes, our Hitman 3 guides hub has what you're looking for. Stay tuned for more on Hitman 3 next month.  

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Published Mar. 4th 2021

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