Hitman is Getting a Holiday Update

Snow, trees, and presents. All part of the Christmas joy in a 4 part update for Hitman called, "Holiday Hoarders". So lets get in to the holiday spirit and do some assassinating.

 IO Interactive released a free Hitman holiday update trailer this week called “Holiday Hoarders”. The update will roll out new challenges every week in the month of December, and is very much in the spirit of giving, as IO Interactive is releasing this update to support The World Cancer Research Fund.

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“The Holidays are for giving and Hitman has given us so many funny and enjoyable moments, so lets’ try to give back.” Is what is feels like IO are saying. With The World Cancer Research Fund being the developers’ charity of choice, if anyone would like to donate you can do so on the website.

The “Holiday Hoarders” update is held in Paris at a Christmas themed fashion show. During the mission, presents will be scattered around the map, which leaves the opportunity for greedy thieves. Securing the presents before the thieves find them first will give you a random weapon that will assist you in your mission.

December is the month of Hitman

Week 1: This update released on Thursday (December 8th). As the challenge states, “Master Sniper” Challenge pack will give the players five new sniper-related challenges, completing them all will entitle you to a “Jaeger 7 Covert” Sniper Rifle.

Week 2: This update will implement the “Holiday Hoarder” mission, with an elusive target in Sapienza. The update is slated to release on December 12 – 18.

Week 3: The third update is light on content and will release on December 19 – 25. The only thing that they’re adding is a new escalation contract in Sapienza. Escalations are missions that require a specific assassination, then builds up when completing the mission.

Week 4: From December 26 – 31 another elusive target will be available, this time in Bangkok.

Hitman was the biggest surprise in 2016 for many, with The Full Experience having all the content being a reason for this. Even though Hitman Season 1 has ended, updates and elusive targets are still coming out to the game. The continued support of Hitman keeps people playing, and while there is no release date for Season 2 Hitman fans are eagerly awaiting it.

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