HoYoverse Gives a Sneak Peak at Genshin Impact’s Fontaine after Leaks

Genshin Impact's Fontaine is a real place as we've been graced with a sophisticated sneak peek.

During the Special Program show for update 3.8, HoYoverse confirmed recent leaks by giving us a sneak peek at the newest location coming to Genshin Impact, Fontaine. Leaks concerning the appearance of the city, the clothes of its residents, and characters from the area first appeared on Twitter as early as June 19. With a one minute segment right at the end of the Special Program, we got our first official look at Genshin Impact’s upcoming addition.

Fontaine, the Nation of Justice, features white buildings, exquisitely dressed residents, sewers, and explorable underwater areas. The spanning Fleuve Cendre connects Fontaine to land on the other side of the water. Dive into the water to interact with a variety of creatures, including a chunky, long finned and horned seal animal, and rays. You’ll be able to gather water plants for resources and discover treasure chests.

The sneak peek follows the character Melusine, an officer of justice in Fontaine. She patrols the city, checks out the sewers under the Fleuve Cendre and the banks of various water spots. The only other character shown in game is the mysterious outsider, who’s name we weren’t given.

No date is known for the release of Fontaine, but it should come later this year to Genshin Impact. Speculation has it that it may come during the 4.0 update. For more on Fontaine, as well as any other Genshin Impact updates, check out our GameSkinny news tab. For in game help, check out our plethora of Genshin Impact guides, such as quest walkthroughs, how to play on the Steam Deck, and more.

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