Hyperkin Releases Clover Green Version Of Xbox One Duke Controller

Old-school Xbox nostalgia now comes in a translucent green Hyperkin Duke controller.

Old-school Xbox nostalgia now comes in a translucent green Hyperkin Duke controller.

Following the successful release of the Duke retro controller back in January, Hyperkin is releasing a new clover green variant with semi-transluscent plastic.

The Duke controller is a pretty fancy twist on the original Xbox controller that  keeps with that “old-school”, Xbox nostalgia. The controller features bumpers that mirror the old Black and White buttons, a 9 ft. detachable USB cable (yes, you’ll still need to plug it in to use it.), a 3.5 mm headset jack, and option and view buttons. 

There’s also a completely unique feature that should take gamers back to the days of booting up their old Xbox. The original Xbox startup screen animation will play inside the Xbox button on the controller, as seen in the video below.

The clover Duke controller will run you $69.99 at GameStop, although prices on other sites like Amazon seem to vary. 

Hyperkin’s Duke is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows PC, so you can also use it to push through your Steam backlog in style — and comfort. 

The Duke is often heralded in gaming circles as one of the best console controllers of all time. It was the predecessor to the wildly popular Xbox 360 controller and, of course, the current Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controllers.  

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