Hypersensitive Bob yesterday received its first update with a wealth of additions, changes, and fixes.

Hypersensitive Bob receives its first update

Hypersensitive Bob yesterday received its first update with a wealth of additions, changes, and fixes.
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Yesterday, SIEIDI Ltd released the first update for their roguelike action game Hypersensitive BobThe update includes a wealth of additions, changes, and fixes to the game based on reviews and community feedback.

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What is Hypersensitive Bob?

Hypersensitive Bob is a roguelike action game with RPG elements that is developed and published by SIEIDI Ltd. The game released on March 29th, 2016. The player takes on the role of Bob, who is allergic to everything and has lived a life of isolation in the haven that is his cabin.

Fed up with living such and isolated life, Bob arms himself with a modified asthma pipe and decides to head out into the dangerous world. Only by doing this will he be able to overcome his allergies once and for all. 

Hypersensitive Bob is a fantastic game that gets inspiration from games like The Binding of Isaac. It may at first appear a simple, straightforward game, but once you get into it, it truly is a very in-depth experience. You can read my full review of it here on GameSkinny.

What does the update contain?

The update contains a wealth of various additions, changes, and fixes to the game. Additions include new music tracks, the ability to reload your weapon, new levels, new enemy variations, and more visual items for characters.

Fixes include various issues reported by the community, including the delay of the shuttle door opening at the home scene, the occasional game breaking bugs and some other small fixes.

Changes to the game include adding info on how to unlock the additional characters, how invulnerability items work with the new manual reload feature, reduced reloading times for Bob and Bill, and a good few more changes.

What is coming up in the next update?

In the patch notes, SIEIDI Ltd also announced that another update is currently in the works which will contain new content and some gameplay changes.

The developers are also thinking about making changes to diagonal shooting so it’s easier to execute. They are, however, currently unsure as to how this would affect the games balance and are looking for further community feedback about it.

There is currently little information on what the next update will contain, but if this first update is anything to go by, there is sure to be plenty of additions still to come to the game. You can find a full list of the additions, changes, and fixes applied to the game, here.

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