I Am Bread: An Upcoming Game from the Developers of Surgeon Simulator

I Am Bread, a new game from the developers of Surgeon Simulator, shares one slice of bread's epic journey to become toast.
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Games aren’t really about shooting aliens, pretending to play guitar, or being angry avians. What they’re all really about is immersing yourself in a role and experiencing something, oftentimes something you could never do in real life. Not once, in the entire history of gaming, has any developer been brave enough to give gamers the chance to be the one thing we’ve never wanted to: Bread.

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From Bossa Studios, developer of a little gem called Surgeon Simulator, comes the simulator you never knew you wanted. I Am Bread puts you in the role of a slice of bread embarking on a quest to become toast.

When I first saw gameplay footage of Surgeon Simulator, I thought it looked humorous. But I couldn’t imagine actually playing it for long. When it came out, however, I quickly became addicted to the hilariously frustrating gameplay that ensued. There’s certainly more potential in surgery for awkward controls inciting wacky physics-based antics than in bread, but if anyone can make a game about toast interesting, it’s Bossa Studios.

Apart from the above video and a pun-ridden Twitter account, little is known about this potentially (thought probably not) revloutionary game. We only know that your aim is to become toasted and plate yourself. From the HUD shown in the trailer, it looks like you will be timed, and rated in terms of edibility and deliciousness. But we all know that with Bossa Studios, it’s never quite that simple.

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