Interview with David Littam – NHL 14

NHL 14 Preview with EA Sports Producer David Littman
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Q. What’s different about this NHL game?

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David Littman: NHL 14 is leveraging all of the best to be a sports technology to bring skill speed and aggression to the forefront good for us it’s about making the best financial experience ever on this constant generation

Q. You were talking about hits being one of most important things for fans for you to change?

David Littman: well the big thing with hitting this year’s our new NHL collision physics system and the big thing about that is does it really takes the size and aggression of NHL hockey players and puts  that into the hit. We’ved leverage the best of EA Sports Technology with the FIFA player impact engine and taken that and made it hocket so the player impact engine in FIFA revolutionized the way you play soccer games. We’re able to leverage that and then make it hockey. Hockey hits as we all know are huge, their at high speeds and you get these incredible collisions into the boards and into other players into the net all its great about those hockey hits we’ll have in NHL 15.

Q. can you talk a little bit about One Touch Deeks?

David Littman: So, one touch Deeks is our new deeking system and the key to it is to make sure we nail what we call the hockey trifecta and that is the speed, the skill and the aggression so if we have a big new hitting system we have to make sure that you can counter that with a deeking system that can react in real time. So our one touch deeks system allows you to be to pull off any deeks you see in real life with only one button by doing that you can read and react to any situation in real time and get by those big defenders.

Q. How have you made the skating in the game better?

David Littman: So last year we revolutionized hockey games with our True Performance skating engine and this year were taking it one step further so were tuning and tweaking things based on  consumer feedback but the big thing for us to making sure the defense have as much power with that engine as the offense do. This year you’ll see quicker pivots, quicker speed for defenseman, better lateral movement, we have a new strafing system that allows the D to move left and right quickly and to not look forward to get by them and when you take that into account it really brings True Performance skating to the defense side of the puck as well.

Q. What’s different about fighting in NHL 14?

David Littman: We have a new enforcer engine and the new enforce enginer really takes authentic Hockey fighting into our game so in the past few years our fighting has been all about this mini game that’s not very authentic to hockey and fans really wanted to change so with the Enforcer Engine we take we put that fight into the real NHL experience. It happens in real-time, other players can be involved, there’s sticks and gloves on the ice. The fight itself is leveraging the Fight Night technology where they really brought size and strength into the fight and so we use their technology and we’ve added hockey to it. Where you know there is punching, grabbing, jostling, maintaining your balance and when you take the Fight Night technology and you add in hockey and you have our Enforcer Engine for NHL 14.

Q. What’s most exciting for players to experience?

David Littman: The biggest thing from me this year I think is our NHL collision physics feature and how he we’ve really captured what it’s like to hit someone at thirty miles an hour and drive them back into the boards and using real physics to do that but also how it fits in with the rest of our gameplay with speed, skill and agression. The fact that we are able to leverage EA Sports technology to get there and for what we consider make the best hockey game of this generation.

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