Inventor Battles Nintendo In Court Over 3D Technology

Inventor Seijiro Tomita alleges that Nintendo stole his 3D technology.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Inventor and former Sony employee Seijiro Tomita is wrangling with Nintendo over alleged 3DS patent infringement.

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Tomita claims that he developed the technology used in the 3DS that allows for 3D image viewing without 3D glasses and that the gaming giant implemented it in their device without his permission.

What is he owed? According to a damages expert, about $9.80 per unit sold. He goes on to claim that he’s been hard pressed to find an investor for his technology since the 3DS launched. Tomita’s lawyer said the inventor was “betrayed and hurt that [Nintendo was] using his technology.”

However, in yesterday’s opening arguments in New York, Nintendo shot back at the allegations. They deny using “cross-point” information — a key element of Tomita’s design. In fact, they claim he was one of hundreds they met with when designing the screen. Sharp Corp. was eventually chosen to helm the project.

Opportunistic or legit? You be the judge.

…until the judge does the judging, of course.


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