Is Patrick Bateman Coming to Fortnite?

Will the cult-classic killer make an appearance in Fortnite? Find out if Patrick Bateman will drop into the battle royale.

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Fortnite is always releasing new content, particularly skins for you to customize your avatar. If you’re a fan of Fornite or Marry Harron’s 2000’s horror satire film American Psycho, you’ve likely heard Patrick Bateman could appear in the game. Much like the Goku Black skin earlier this summer, the rumor is lighting up the community. Horror-heads and anyone looking to get a new skin (kind of ironic when thinking about the character) want to know the answer to the same question: Is Patrick Bateman coming to Fortnite?

Is Patrick Bateman Coming to Fortnite?

Last year, Reddit user Fortnuter36 celebrated the cult classic film by posting concept art of Patrick Bateman as a Fortnite skin. The edit is high-quality, but it’s not official. As far as we know, Patrick Bateman isn’t coming to the Fortnite item shop.

The convincing fan art gained plenty of traction online and is making its rounds again right now. However, what’s really got everyone talking about it now is a Tik Tok video that convincingly displays the skin in the item shop. The video showcases a full set of Patrick Bateman items, but unfortunately, they’re fiction, and there’s nothing to suggest otherwise.


fake everything #fyp #edmondx bateman by TNTina on twitter

♬ original sound – eddy

The video has already accumulated millions of views and a whopping half of a million likes. Perhaps the popularity will inspire Epic Games to take notice and make their own Patrick Bateman cosmetics set, but for now, keep on dreamin’. Bateman doesn’t seem to exactly fit the tone and style of the world’s most popular battle royale game.

For now, that answers the question of whether Patrick Bateman is coming to Fortnite. Stay tuned with us in our Fortnite guides hub for more tips and tricks, like the best landing spots in Chapter 4 Season 3.

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