Is the Steam Summer Sale Finally Here?

An email to one gamer hints that Valve's Steam Summer Sale will begin July 11.
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In a customer service email to one gamer, Valve nonchalantly stated that their Summer Sale will begin July 11. Get your wallets, kids.

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The email, shown below, reads,

“Please check Steam news for information on upcoming sales and promotions. 

“Please know that our Steam Sales are starting on July 11th. 🙂

Look at that smiley face. That is the smile of a company who knows they are about to make a lot of money.

The Proof.

If you are unaware of the Steam Summer Sale…well have you been living under a rock? Valve discounts hundreds of games, even big name titles, for cheap. Like ridiculously cheap, like “I’m not going to buy it when it comes out and wait for it to be on Steam for $3” cheap.

Get what I’m sayin’?

Valve’s Summer Sale is not only good for Valve, but also for developers. According to a number of developers that took part in last year’s Steam Summer Sale, teams who’ve participated in Steam sales have found that the promotions not only attract more sales, but also generate more revenue and breathe new life into older games.

So support your favorite developers and check out the Summer Sale, tomorrow, July 11. Like you seriously need convincing.

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