John Green Reviews Daddy Long Legs

Author of Fault in Our Stars, John Green reviews the mobile app Daddy Long Legs.
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Author of The Fault in Our Stars and YouTube personality John Green recently reviewed the mobile app Daddy Long Legs on his channel. The game has players trying to walk for as long as possible by tapping the screen. However, it’s not easy as it looks. The character the players must use has very long legs that make it very hard to play — and maybe even harder to watch.

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In the video, John played for more than six minutes, and his high score was 19.71 meters. It took him several minutes to even take one step without falling. Overall, he gave the game a seven out of ten. He didn’t care for the very long ads, but he knew that he would spend six months at least trying to become good at this game. Maybe he’ll unlock the horse character and costumes that become available if you play enough.

Other reviewers agree with John the game is extremely addicting, but they could do without the ads.


Daddy Long Legs was released on May 18, 2016 and has an average rating of 4/5 stars on iTunes and Google Play. 

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