League of Legends Charity Art Auction Coming to Nucleus Gallery

The artists behind League of Legends are holding a charity art auction at the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California on August 16-18.
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The art of League of Legends is sometimes stunning.  For all that it is a video game with fast-paced action, the artists who draw the concept art and still images to illustrate the world and characters of the game have undeniable talent.  Now summoners will have their chance to pick up some of the master works of these skilled artisans auction-style.

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The Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California is hosting an art show and charity auction from these artists from August 16 to August 18.  The show and auction are going by the name All Random All Mediums, an obvious but cute play on the ARAM game mode (All Random All Mid).

Did someone say charity?

The auction will not specifically be League of Legends art, but the proceeds of the auction will be going to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to help fund research looking into treatment and cures.  Mitochondrial disease can cause any number of problems, including cardiac and liver disease and diabetes, so it is certainly a good cause.

Art fans in the California area, go take a look at what Riot Games’ artists have to show and let the rest of us know about it so we can be jealous!

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