League of Legends Patch 4.20 Focuses on “Strategic Diversity”

Riot Games released patch 4.20 for League of Legends, adding a river-dwelling crab that gives vision, two new types of turrets and a bevy of changes and new features that focus on shifting an importance towards how you play the game as opposed to just which champion you choose.
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Frequent League of Legends players may have noticed that the North American servers were down for over twelve hours yesterday and with good reason. Patch 4.20 changes a ton of well-known features and adds some completely unexpected twists to gameplay.

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In the below two-part video produced by Riot Games that present a rundown of the new changes and pre-season goals, Scarizard of Riot hosts a discussion on the new changes brought in by patch 4.20 as well as what is meant by “Strategic Diversity” and shifting a focus from nerfing and buffing champions to changing how the game is played in a match.

The inner turrets now imbue allies with regenerating shields and all of the base turrets now shoot a steady laser that does damage AND lowers the target’s damage–and there’s even a new minion that lives in the river and gives vision when you slain. 

To learn more about the changes made, and the ideas behind them, be sure to watch both of the videos for in-depth discussions on each feature and what Riot hopes to carry out with implementing them. 

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