League of Legends Wishes You a Merry Fiddlemas

Christmas skins, ward skins, and a champion, OH MY!
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So the PBE has a lot of fun previews for the discerning League of Legends aficionado.

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Deck The Halls With Skins For Champions

First, the Christmas skins for this year!  The lucky champions this year include Veigar (Bad Santa), Fiddlesticks (Dark Candy), Ziggs (Snow Day), and an as-yet unnamed Katarina skin that does look fairly similar to the fan-made image above, though with a few added details like candy-striping on the stockings.

A new Shaco skin is also on display, but it isn’t a Christmas skin.  Masked Shaco is a skin commemorating the 1-year anniversary of the Korean League of Legends server, complete with adorably hate-able new jack-in-the-boxes.

Ward Skins Waiting For Your Christmas Dosh

It also has a preview of the new ward skins for the holidays, a snowman and a gingerbread Teemo.

Santa’s New Helper

Last but definitely not least, they have the champion slotted to come out after Nami available for testing.  Vi, the Piltover Enforcer.  She’s got a pair of pneumatic gauntlets and a wicked no-nonsense attitude.

Multiculturalism is great.  Take, for example, a certain Chinese League of Legends website called LoLZone.  It has the useful feature of letting you preview the 3d models of various champions, and it has the Christmas skins and Vi up and ready to stare at.  Plan your holiday spending with Riot Games accordingly!

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