Indie game studio, AutoAttack Games, launched Kickstarter for Legion TD 2 and already has 60% funded with a month to go.

Legion TD 2: A different kind of tower defense for PC

Indie game studio, AutoAttack Games, launched Kickstarter for Legion TD 2 and already has 60% funded with a month to go.
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Legion TD 2, by indie game studio AutoAttackGames, is a tower defense game – but instead of static towers set to defend you can make dynamic fighters. This online free-to-play game is a standalone successor of Legion TD. Many players in the PC online gaming world might be familiar with Legion TD. Legion TD was a mod for Warcraft III as well as an inspiration for the original Dota mod. The game is stated as being “by modders, for modders.”

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Legion TD 2 is has the hands free, stressless experience of a tower defense but with the depth of competitive esport. Gameplay consists of two teams of four players. Each side of the playing field has four lanes and a throne room. Players will defend their own area against the enemy, while trying to ultimately protect the throne room. The winning team is the team whose king survived the longest. 

What makes Legion TD 2 different from other tower defense games is the dynamic fighters that come to life after the player places them. Placing fighters takes incredible strategy in the game because players cannot move their fighters once placed. Once the match starts your fighters will automatically fight. This means your fights will be more realistic and not bogged down in static gameplay. 

While players are focusing on defend their team from the waves of enemies, they can also hire mercenaries to attack the opposing team. This can be vital to make sure your opponent loses their king before you do.

Yesterday, AutoAttack Games started their Kickstarter event to fund the rest of Legion TD 2 so it can be released on PC via Steam and already they are over 60% funded. 

The closed beta will be a functional, multiplayer game with 4 playable legions and over 50 unique fighters. The beta will be live for six months before paving the way for the open release of the game. Starting in the Aqua Tier ($20), backers can receive a key to the closed beta. 

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