Lethal Company Patch 47 Released, Adds Challenge Moons

Lethal Company v47 is live and brings challenge moons with it.

The Lethal Company Version 47 announcement.
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Challenge moons were introduced on the beta branch not too long ago, but it’s clear that Zeekerss works quickly. As of right now, Lethal Company Version 47 is live on Steam and brings the challenge moon mechanic to the public.

Challenge moons are meant to be Lethal Company‘s very own weekly challenges. Each week, every player will be able to try their luck at the same moon in the name of riches and beating the other players in the lobby on the scoreboard. Though, I can’t quite comment on whether that’s in the full game just yet. I’ve written this in a bit of excitement before getting to play v47 myself.

What’s in the Lethal Company Patch 47 Update?

The contents of this patch were announced on the game’s official Discord, though the details are scarce. Lethal Company v47 includes challenge moons, new factory hallway tilesets, and “many small tweaks to existing creatures,” so we’ll have to see just what those are ourselves.

Maybe some enemies have had their health reduced. Maybe the Nutcracker will take half second longer to shoot. Who knows for now.

The lobby list in Lethal Company.
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How to Play Challenge Moons in Lethal Company

To start a Lethal Company challenge moon lobby, you need only go to “Host,” and then select the lowest option just under your save game list. This week’s moon is Voiumya-10. Conversely, you’ll have to go to the lobby list and look for lobbies marked with purple instead of red to join challenge moon runs.

I’ve been very excited for this update since it didn’t seem worthwhile to bother with getting my friend group to switch to the beta branch to really take on challenge moons. Now that it’s out in the public branch, we can finally take them on as a team and get real salty over it. If you’re curious about the details, check out our guide the moon, monsters, and other details on week’s challenge moon.

But that’s what I know about the Patch 47 update in LC. If you’re new to the game, check out some of our Lethal Company guides. If not, also check out some of our guides. In any case, have fun scavenging scrap on these new set moons.

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