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Lethal Company Challenge Moon Guide: Rizoo-83 (January 22 Weekly Challenge)

Here are the details of this week's Lethal Company challenge moon Ouu-59.

Standing as the game’s weekly challenges, challenge moons let you compete via scoreboard against other players in hunting for scrap on the same satellite. I’ll cover what to expect in this Lethal Company challenge moon Rizoo-83 guide.

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Lethal Company Rizoo-83 Challenge Moon: Monsters, Map, Weather, and Scrap Value

January 22’s Lethal Company challenge moon takes us to Rizoo-83, which uses the Assurance outdoor map. Assurance is easy to navigate, but Rizoo-83 is currently undergoing an eclipse, making the outdoors more dangerous than usual.

Following in the footsteps of last week’s challenge moon, Rizoo-83 is on the easier end. While it might be eclipsed, there aren’t many creatures to contend with indoors or outdoors. The real annoyance is the labyrinthine facility you must traverse and the number of locked doors that go nowhere.

There are 26 pieces of scrap here, totaling over 2,000 credits’ worth of value. There aren’t too many large pieces of scrap inside the facility, but there are two tricky ones to be aware of.

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This Week’s Lethal Company Challenge Moon Tips

This week’s challenge moon is easier than last week’s, which is really saying something. On Rizoo-83, you’ll once again come across security and locked doors that go nowhere. Don’t stress about security doors. At least you won’t be fighting for survival too much. There’s an Eyeless Dog that spawns as soon as you land, though.

Because it’s Eclipsed, and due to its layout, take the ladder up to the pipe near your ship and go into the facility. Enter through the Fire Exit. Most of what’s to be found on Rizoo-83 is on the facility’s Fire Exit side, which is also conveniently far away from the Bunker Spider. Bracken appear fairly early, however, and there are turrets and landmines to contend with as well. One turret blocks a door inside the facility. Don’t try to jump over it. Just go another way, as it leads to another open-ended area on both sides of it.

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Bring a Lockpicker for this challenge moon for all the locked doors. Most of them don’t go anywhere worthwhile. Even the Apparatus Room has one locked door (and one unlocked) leading into it. Don’t get bogged down by trying to find keys.

The two problematic pieces of scrap are a Tragedy Mask and a Robot Toy. Leave the Tagedy Mask for transit back to the ship last (in case someone gets killed by an Eyeless Dog in the ship), and ferry the Robot Toy back carefully because of the Eyeless Dog outside.

Good luck tackling this week’s Lethal Company challenge moon, Rizoo-83. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny, such as our guide to Hazard levels and what the Backrooms room is.

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